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25" Saffron Pampas Bundle


This bundle of pampas has a shorter "fluff" to it for a different look. The Saffron Pampas is in a deep, burnt orange color. Coloring and height between stems will vary. This bundle includes 8-10 individual stems.

* Second photo shows difference in color between Dijon Pampas (on left) and Saffron Pampas (on right).

For a tutorial on how to cut pampas, visit our Instagram IGTV channel.

Pampas notes.... pampas is a dried floral that may have difference between color, texture, and fluffiness even between same-sku items. For shipping, we may trim the the stems, not actual pampas, (only if needed) to fit our 24" long boxes. Florals are typically shipped in a separate floral shipping box. We will refund any extra shipping charges if we can condense your order into less boxes!