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Concrete Hand Bowl


Top Seller!

Great for styling, candles, incense burning, and to use a planter! Note... see last image to see all sizes and the entire line. The Small Hands have a "softer" design to them than the Large - so they are not perfectly identical in design.

Small Measurements: 6.5” x 6” x 3”
Large: 9'' x 9'' x 5'' (cannot ship)

A technique first developed by the ancient Romans and Etruscans in Italy, cast concrete was used to form building materials and sculptures. Using this same timeless art form, we've created eco-friendly and playful accessories for home or garden. Each has modern appeal with its natural gray coloring that can mix and match with multiple interiors.These cupped cast-concrete hands are a welcoming way to present a medium planter or candle collection. The gray-hued Helping Hand Planter is playful and eco-friendly.

1. Currently, we are not shipping the Large size or offering shipping estimates. We can resume this after our busy season.
2. These bowls are extremely heavy. Shipping rates for these are extremely high (sometimes more than the cost of the item) and we encourage you to pick them up if you can!