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Be Brave With Your Life Ceramic Sign


A collaboration between Inside Out Studios x Wildfire, these ceramic signs are made from speckle clay. The clay is tan in color with a dark brown / black speckle. The edges have texture and the saying "Be brave with your life" is stamped in then glazed with cream to create contrast within the saying and around the border.

These pieces are handmade by the artists in the Inside Out Studio program. Inside Out provides an opportunity for artists with disabilities to produce, market, and receive an income from their art; while gaining confidence in their abilities. To learn more about their studio or to support their program, visit their website here.

Each sign is handmade and unique - this is the beauty of an original piece. Your sign will have the artist's mark / signature on the back so you know who made it. While each piece is uniform in material and quote, there may be differences or flair based on the artist's work.

Signs hang from a tied piece of jute. While these pieces have weight to them, they can easily hang from one nail, a door knob, or even a garden hook.