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Coffee Pour Over Set - Just Black


Just Black Coffee | 5-Pack

It may surprise you, since it’s "Just Black” coffee — but really, this one's as rich and complex as they come. Left to its own devices, our black coffee really gets to showcase all the flavors that sing in our Vietnamese blend, ranging from its nutty, mocha undertones to the bite that keeps things interesting.

Love cold brew? Our Just Black pouches can help you craft the perfect DIY blend. Get the recipe below.

What's Included
- 5 (Black) Vietnamese coffee pour over filters

Coffee ingredients: Organic Vietnamese Coffee

RECIPE: Cold Brew
Step 1: Place an unopened filter(s) into a sealable container.
Step 2: Add 6oz. of cold water per each filter you use.
Step 3: Seal your container and let your filters brew overnight in your refrigerator.
Step 4: Remove the filters from your container. Add your desired amount of ice and creamer, then stir.
Step 5: Enjoy!