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Fluffy Pampas Grass Bunch - 25.5" (multiple color options)


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Our favorite pampas ... with long, fluffy pieces that bring a lot of "oomph" to your floral arrangements.

Currently available in three colors.... 
Brown/Gray (has violet undertones)

** Color note ... pampas varies drastically! Please note some bundles may have brighter spots of color or be a different hue/brightness than pictured. Anticipate variation in what you receive. If you are looking for the perfect shade, please visit the shop or email us at for online orders. 

Pampas is a natural grass and can vary from one pack to another. Immediately remove pampas from protective packaging after receiving. Gently shake and open pampas with your fingers to create a strong visual impact. Store upright in a cool, dry location. After you have your display created, we recommend spraying the pampas with a max-hold hairspray to help with shedding. Stems can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit your display needs.

Length: 25.5" - 28"

Includes 5-6 stems of pampas. 

Pampas notes.... pampas is a dried floral that may have difference between color, texture, and fluffiness even between same-sku items. For shipping, we may trim the the stems (only if needed) to fit our 24" long boxes.

 In the comparative photo ... this listing represents the shorter fluffy style. The colors shown, from left to right, are .... PInk, Gray/Brown (not stocked currently), Tan, and White.