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Forget Me Not Dried Floral Necklace


All necklaces are handmade from dried pressed flowers. Since no flower is identical to another, each necklace is unique and will have minor differences

All chains are 17.5 inches long
Chains = Gold Plated/Silver Plated

Size of Pendants
Circle: 20mm
Teardrop: 14x22mm
Hexagon: 16x18mm

Each necklace comes packaged on a beautiful 3x5 jewelry card.

Handmade - Woman-Owned - Made in the USA

More about Bloom & Press:
Bloom & Press creates flower presses and beautiful jewelry inspired by nature and is handmade in Colorado. Jen King, founder and flower enthusiast started creating floral jewelry for brides by using their bridal bouquet flowers. Since then she has been hooked on all things floral. Seeing people light up when given a beautiful bouquet or their favorite flower has been the inspiration behind our Bloom & Press jewelry and flower presses.