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Frozen Cocktail Mix


What could possibly make a summer cocktail better? Make it into a slushie! This delicious mix of coconut infused organic cane sugar, pineapple, coconut, and strawberry makes it easy to craft a fun frozen drink.

This particular mix is meant to make a Miami Vice cocktail, a fusion of Strawberry Daiquiri and Piña Colada. The drink originated in Miami during the 80s and ' let's bring it back! Everything cool comes from the 90's!
But you can also use any alcohol of your choosing to create a drink fit to your taste! 

Pour drink mix into a gallon zip lock bag and add 16 ounces of rum (or your favorite spirits). Then add 2 cups of water and freeze. Once frozen, knead the bag with hands to create a slush. Makes approximately 8 drinks. 
OR In a pinch, pour half the mix into a blender, 8 ounces of rum (or your favorite spirits) and add ice! Blend and serve! Use the other half when ready. Makes approximately 4 drinks. 

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