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Perfect 10 Tote


Going…to the beach! You need a bag with enough space for all the things you need to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Besides swimwear, towels, a magazine and something to eat, you can even store your wallet and mobile phone in a safe way. The attached fabric covering can be closed with a cord which hides all your personal belongings. Short faux leather handles and shoulder straps that are hinged and fold down. The stand-up structure provides for easy loading and unloading.  Perfect for the beach or swim club, craft night, school, shopping or work. Cleans easily with soap and water. Handmade of 70% recycled durable polyethylene. 

More About These Bags:

Handed By products are all handwoven. Respect for the Asian traditions and habits is high-up in our agenda. We do not co-operate with heartless manufacturing facilities but directly with the handcrafters; mostly women working from their homes. We offer regular work to around 300 qualified craftswomen. After the work on the fields is finished or when the children are at school, these women generate extra income by weaving Handed By products. Either at home, with their husband, together with the neighbour on the porch or with a group of weavers somewhere in the village.

100% Free of Child Labor. We visit our handcrafters every four to six weeks to discuss product and material developments, carry out quality checks, inspect working conditions and nurture the partnership. During Corona time, we keep in close contact through our contact persons in the field. We guarantee that our products are not made by child labourers. Since the women are able to work during school hours, the children can attend school.

We offer regular work to approximately 300 qualified handcrafters. Women with a love of their trade and who are deeply engaged in Handed By. All handcrafters work under healthy and hygienic conditions and receive a fair wage. Since we guarantee continual work, these weavers are able to improve their circumstances considerably. For example, they are capable of providing for the basic needs of their families and communities, such as health, safe housing and education.