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Wildfire Signature Scent Reed Diffuser


Our Wildfire Signature Scent Reed Diffusers are hand-poured and blended at our shop by us! Each Reed Diffuser is made with our signature scent - loved for its rich amber notes with hints of tonka bean, sandalwood, and jasmine. The Wildfire Signature scent is warm, sweet, and romantic.

Each Diffuser features one of our mini floral bouquets which are designed and assembled in-house. The bouquet is made from naturally grown and preserved flowers and botanicals. Like a reed stick, the florals soak up the scented oil and help diffuse the luxurious scent in your home.

Tip: flip your reed diffuser sticks any time you want a burst of aroma!

Sealed Glass Bottle + Gold Cap
5oz Wildfire Reed Diffuser Oil 
5 Reed Sticks
A custom floral arrangement

Floral Arrangements are offered in two styles: "Bleached Neutral" or "Colorful Wildflowers." Each bouquet will be unique and you can expect variations from the photo and between orders. Bleached Neutral will include mostly white or bleached botanicals with other neutral colors like brown or tan. Colorful Wildflowers will feature seasonal color blooms and there will be a wide variation of flowers and colors. If you'd like to request a color palette, please email and we will do our vest best to fulfill your request!

New To Reed Diffusers? Here are some details about ours:
- Our Reed Diffusers have strong scent-throw. You can expect the initial scent-throw to last 1-3 months. The diffuser will be able to throw scent in larger rooms and open concept spaces. If you prefer light-moderate scent-throw, you may want to start your diffuser in a large area first.
- The Diffuser will smell wonderful for months and months! You can expect a great scent-throw for at least 4-6 months. Flip your reed sticks anytime for a burst of aroma.
- The Diffuser will continue to have an amazing smell for a long time, especially if you move it into a smaller room once you have had it 6+ months. It is recommended to replace the reed sticks every 6 months.

Customer Reviews

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Olivia D

I will definitely be buying more! It makes the room smell so good!