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Zeolite Minerals


Sold individually

Elevate the mood in any room with a museum-quality display of our zeolite collection. Named by a Swedish mineralogist in 1756, these naturally occurring minerals form when volcanic rocks and ash react with groundwater. Stilbite and apophyllite are the most common, but our variety packs may also include chalcedony, stellerite, heulandite and others. Opulent colors range from white, pale yellow, earthy brown, pink, red, green, blue or black. Each stone is gem grade in an eye-catching formation. Size, color & formation vary.

Why we love them...
- Fill decorative bowls or trays with zeolite for an exciting display
- Lay beside a candle and let the flickering flame make the zeolite shine
- Give as a gift for a little reminder to find the good

Approx. 3'' x 3½'' x 1''

When purchasing online, we will choose the most beautiful zeolite for your order! If you have any preferences on appearance, leave them in the notes and we will fulfill if able. If you'd like to see a photo of our current selection before ordering, please email