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The Wildfire Story


Hey there! Welcome to Wildfire. The shop started as a dream many years ago and took life in the heart of Hamilton, Ohio in August 2019. With fans near and far, Wildfire launched its online shop in 2020.
Wildfire is the collection of items I love and bring joy to my life—and hope make you feel the same. The shop is ever-changing, but never loses its neutral palette or bohemian vibe. Our items are an eclectic mix of US artisan-made and imported goods. All items in our Wildfire line are designed by me and manufactured by other small businesses here in Ohio. I love gifts and decor with inspirational messages - the pieces in your home and everyday that make you stop and remember why life is so good and reignite the passions and purpose inside of you.
With a nudge from my husband, Kyle, I opened Wildfire when our son, Grayson, was four months old. He has grown up in the shop and likely has “inspected” every order that gets delivered. Grayson is assuredly the boss around these parts.
Thank you for shopping small and supporting not only my family, but my dream of putting hygge goods out in the world.