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Unicorn & Authenticity Slumberkins Collection


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If you're eager to empower the kids in your life with a strong sense of self-confidence, teach them to trust their intuition, and let them know they are wonderful just the way they are, Unicorn will be your new best friend. Cuddle up with your kiddo and read children's books about authenticity with your buddy Unicorn. Little ones will be delighted with their Unicorn plush, whether they’re snuggling with the stuffed animal Kin plush or the super soft blanket-style Snuggler version. They’ll hold their new friend close while you read aloud from Unicorn stories like Let Your Light Shine and learn that what makes them different is what makes them special. Continue the journey with Unicorn Dares to Be Unique—an interactive board book that inspires your little one to identify and celebrate their true self. 

Unicorns Affirmation: 
I am true to myself. I let my light shine. I can be who I am, thats for me to decide. 

In this collection choose from...
Unicorn Stuffed Animal + A Book
... or we also have books that are sold separately!

These would be a great gift to your own little one, or the perfect gift!